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"Most Colleges Offer a Degree;
Cornerstone Christian Bible College
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A Letter from Our President

The twenty-first century is marked by a trend that is becoming increasingly evident; the world is investing its resources in the education and training of its people. This is not a world idea, this is a Kingdom idea; God has always placed the greatest emphasis on building and equipping His people for the purpose of manifesting His will and plan. His plan is that when those with the greatest insight, understanding, and wisdom are requested, it will be His people who will be ten times better than their counterparts in the world. To this end, Cornerstone Christian Bible College International (CCBCI) exists to uniquely prepare its students to live their dreams in accordance with God's awesome plan.

Founded in 2001, CCBCI has served and continues to be seen as a viable and highly sought after model of excellence for the development of twenty-first-century global leadership. In a day when mediocrity in education is the acceptable norm, CCBCI stands shoulders above its public or private postsecondary education counterparts in modeling the three-dimensional reality that any individual is capable of academic excellence and marketplace leadership.

CCBCI is a ministry of excellence that uses the teaching of the principles of God’s Word to equip all ambassadors with the tools necessary to stand out in their generation and in their world for the glory of Christ. Since its inception, CCBCI has been recognized as an international model of excellence in unlocking true depths of human potential and achievement. In almost two decades of existence, it has achieved extraordinary results in its students and alumni, many of whom are recognized as models of Christian integrity and world-class leaders. The most important distinguishing mark that CCBCI students have made is that of servant leadership, lifestyle excellence, and possessing the character and attitude of Christ, which continues to be profoundly evident in all their personal and academic endeavors.

As the Spirit of God continues to call His people to preparation and understanding for global leadership, Cornerstone Christian Bible College International will continue to educate and develop its students to serve as ambassadors with distinction in order to operate in God-class excellence and effectiveness for the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Oscar J. Nelson Dowdell – Underwood, Ph.D.

President and Founder