International Leadership College

"Most Colleges Offer a Degree;
Cornerstone Christian Bible College
Promises a Destiny."

About Page

Cornerstone Christian Bible College International (CCBCI) is a Christian, non-residential college located in Northeast Indiana. A pioneer in twenty-first century Christian educational excellence, the college is an academic community which publicly proclaims, in regard to II Timothy 3:16 and Matthew 6:33, that if believers learn and pursue the principles of the Kingdom of God, then all the opportunities which are required to reach destiny will be available to them. Accordingly, Cornerstone Christian Bible College teaches its students the principles by which each of them pursues a positive relationship with Christ and return to the foundations of His Word for the wisdom and insight needed for their personal destinies to unfold. It is also the aim of the college to equip its students with the necessary personal knowledge base that will cause the world to desire to transact business with them in the marketplace in exchange for their unparalleled wisdom and insight. As the Christian academic community is esteemed, Christ will gain profound influence in the affairs of humanity, causing others to reevaluate their perspective in regard to God's relevance in a contemporary global society.