International Leadership College

"Most Colleges Offer a Degree;
Cornerstone Christian Bible College
Promises a Destiny."

A subsidiary of Destiny Dome Embassy at Cathedral of Praise Ministries International, CCBCI was founded in 2001 to meet the growing demand of individuals who desired to impact world markets using a Kingdom paradigm for success and influence. For nearly two decades, CCBCI has coupled principles from the Word of GOD with Dr. Dowdell-Underwood's 40 plus years of educational pedagogy in an effort to produce a scholastic environment and curriculum that equips students with the requisite knowledge, skills, and tools to be world-class leaders for the advancement of the Kingdom of GOD.

CCBCI's students and graduates are active in various sectors, including, but not limited to: law, healthcare, engineering, business and finance, education, fashion design, and technology markets around the world. Notably, CCBCI has conferred honorary doctorates on leaders of the industry including former NBA player, A.C. Green; music mogul, Mathew Knowles; and Karl Reid a member of the Grammy award-winning gospel group, Commissioned., and Jacqueline King founder of Black Women Empowered and Black Men Empowered. 

Today, CCBCI continues to be a premier institution for training Kingdom Ambassadors whose intellect is not divorced from their faith.