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Students may receive academic credit through credentialization. This is the process whereby a student may challenge a course by submitting third-party documentation stating that he/she already possesses the knowledge equivalent to that which would otherwise be acquired by completing the required coursework via independent study.

Prior to registration, credentialization evaluation can be completed at no cost to the student. This offers the opportunity to know, before enrolling, exactly which courses must be completed in order to earn his/her degree. This pre-registration evaluation in no way binds the students to register with the CCBCI.

Follow these steps to get a jump start on you earning your degree:

1. Review your degree requirements and determine which course(s) you can challenge by way of credentialization.

2. Supply evidence, through documentation, as to how you have increased your skills and knowledge in a particular subject as a result of an external leaming process. The following examples are an acceptable means of credentialization documentation:

a. Third-party Documentation of Work Experience- A written report or letter from your current or past employer(s) describing competencies and skills achieved in specific types of work/training and/or personal life experiences.

b. Training and Seminar Certificates- Training must directly apply to the course's subject matter and reflect a minimum of hours of instruction.

c. Writings - You may submit a list of works that you have authored or co-authored.

d. Professional Affiliations/Licenses - Occasions on which you have been a lecturer, panelist, presenter, and/or instructor; and Awards, Honors, and/or Other Recognition.

3. Complete a Course Credentialization Certificate for each course and attach all supporting documents.

4. Submit your credentialization packet to CCBCI electronically here. Upon receipt, the Faculty will evaluate the package and, if approved, shall assign a letter grade to the credentialed course. Once the evaluation is complete, you will be contacted with the results of the evaluation. In the event that inadequate documentation was provided and credit was not obtained, you will be notified and may resubmit the Course Credentialization Certificate with additional documentation. Please be advised that the credentialization application materials you submit will not be returned to you.