International Leadership College

"Most Colleges Offer a Degree;
Cornerstone Christian Bible College
Promises a Destiny."

Missions & Objectives

Cornerstone Christian Bible College International (CCBCI) equips its students to make a maximal positive impact for the Kingdom of God in every human endeavor. CCBCI has cultivated an environment where students grow, prosper, and experience restoration by grace, through faith, concerning God's destiny for their lives. As with its parent body, Destiny Dome Embassy at Cathedral of Praise International, the core objectives of CCBCI are those commitments that guide its vision and shape its strategies for fulfilling its God-given assignment. Its objectives are as follows:

1. To equip students to evangelize to the world for the cause of Christ with emphasis on Marketplace Evangelism and personal lifestyle witnessing;

2. To teach students how to live loved and live relationally as a lifestyle, according to God's Word and the Kingdom of God's system and paradigm;

3. To teach and equip students, by the Word of God, to realize their individual destiny and fulfill their life purpose so that they can cultivate excellence as a way of life, expecting to experience Kingdom success in each pursuit;

4. To empower students to nurture and maintain a culture of honor and excellence in all dealings with God, themselves and with others so that they can touch a, hurting humanity with the lifestyle witness of the redemptive grace of Jesus Christ; and

5. To encourage students to live established in the unconditional love, great grace, unmerited favor, and rest of God through the finished work of Jesus Christ so that they can live to have good success, understanding that Kingdom rest is not inactivity, but effective efforts under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, thereby, opening the door to the highest type of success and living available to humanity.